Monday, February 6, 2012

Stop Facebook hoaxes with ill chidren from spreading around

How many times did you receive messages from social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, offering to share shocking pictures and videos involving VIPs, unbelievable prizes or unique features?

Most of them can be easily classified as hoaxes or scams, spreading viruses, spyware, rootkits or any kind of malware. But one of the most unacceptable scams are the ones involving photos of disabled or ill children that seek our help. Facebook is supposed to offer a sum of money every time we share these pictures to other people.

 Few meditate about this aspect, reaching the conclusion that nobody donates money to these poor children. More than this, they are disturbing for the parents, relatives, friends of these children. Unfortunately, some of these children already passed away years ago, but their pictures still produce a lot of sufferance to their parents.

A number of sites want to raise awareness about this matter: Hoax Slayer, Facecrooks, Thatsnosense, Facebookprivacyandsecurity, not only educating the public about the way to receive these hoaxes, but also pressuring Facebook to take action against these hoaxes.

The social media giant is well-known for his slow response in taking down the hoax pages and pictures. Another problem a lot of people complain about Facebook is the fact that the older storage systems owned by the social network makes impossible for people to   delete Facebook photos   , the others being able to access their removed pictures  just typing their old URLs.

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